A penny ain’t worth what it used to be

I tend to let cashiers keep the copper, anyway.

Today’s assignment: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.

Ew. Okay well: I had just finished reading a couple of books that got my brain working along alternate-income-sorta lines. Those “Passions” posts…25 questions to help live a passionate life….The hundred dollar start-up, a couple more. Anyway, I’m not really still pursuing those vague maybes. Nor am I spending much time on Python right now, too distracted by the wonderful combined worlds of those high-intensity time wasters, Facebook and WordPress!

Maybe there’s a way to turn spare-time writing into cash, but…no, not really likely to happen, is it? I’m digging this ’cause it’s fun, lemme dig that for a while!

Sometimes I feel like the chasing latest bright-and-shiny idea IS my passion, “short attention spans R us”.

Ya’ll see why I need to Reclaim Dave, right? heh

RecDave Seal




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