The Drudges of the Meat World

Names may have been changed to protect the innocent.

Wayne is the youngest of the crew, but the boss. You get the feeling he might be advancing up the corporate ladder if not for a highly visible (unmistakable, in fact) tattoo. The one that covers his entire neck (!) He laughs easily and doesn’t flex the boss muscles too often. More importantly, he braves the deepest of colds in the darkest of freezers to retrieve that odd, unsellable case of boar snouts or chicken knuckles (or whatever oddity the clients are asking about) that’s been buried in the deepest freeze since last Spring. And his health sometimes suffers from all of that freezer time; all of the Meat Heads can have that affliction.

Anka (Anglicized  to sound like “Anka”, that is–not many can pronounce the full Polish name properly, and certainly can’t spell it!) is the only lady of the group. She gets teased for her cleaning, when she can resemble the archetypal old polish cleaning woman. She’s…well…busty and hippy, Reubenesque–but not unattractive. If you like your girls really curvy, and you favor Sir Mixalot’s famous prescription for non-Cosmo girls, this could be the lady! She had to move her nametag to keep the customers’ eyes out of her cleavage…mostly, anyway.

Murray is the oldest, but not 65 yet. He works only part-time (as much as his pension allows). He’s large, and dark, and keeps his hair clipped really short (quarter inch, maybe?) It’s greying all around anyway, frosting on the grizzle. He has a big, easy smile, though, and all of the older lady customers seem to like flirting with him (which he denies, of course). The church-going man of the group, he sometimes seems uncomfortable when the humor of the others gets a little too risque.

Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?

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