We wish you a merry oopsmas?

One of my favorite meals growing up actually began as a mistake. My mother was fond of spaghetti (quick, easy, cheap–who wasn’t?) as one of our comes-around-in-the-rotation-frequently meals. This was back before the big explosion in jarred sauces (Ragu et al), so it was common practice to add tomato paste, water, and dry sauce mixes to make the the quick-and-dirty spaghetti sauces. I seem to remember McCormick as being a big player in the dry sauce mixes, but it may have been some other brand (not important).

Anyway, mom made a fairly simple mistake; reached into the cabinet for a packet of sauce mix and nabbed Taco mix (instead of spaghetti). Mixed it up as usual without noticing and served over spaghetti noodles…and you know, that taco-ghetti bastard hybrid was go-oood!

It’s odd how events like taco-ghetti, char-broiled cat, and burned taco shell last meal for the convict in solitary confinement, stick in the brain when so much else gets lost.

Thanks Mom, for making it all so much fun. Even better for the “oops” moments.

RecDave Seal