No, not the heavy-breathing “the internet is for porn” kind of passion, by my passion. What kind of things do I love doing (besides idiot box)…and besides gaming. As might be pretty obvious by now, I was Jonesing for something to do with my days off.

I’ll be sharing my passion-seeking project (several posts already written, a lot of self-psych and not much result yet). I’ve picked WordPress and Blogging back up, right around the same time (how to not get anything done: start too many new projects at once, right?)

Following the general outline of
Find Your Passion: 25 Questions You Must Ask Yourself (Henji Juntilla)

(and whoah, never paste directly from another website? heh…lemme fix that html…there we go.)

Not going to try to sell anybody a book, here, my review would not be that good…but it will make a pretty good outline structure for my overall find-my-passion project (or it won’t, and be a complete waste of time).



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