The Python Project

One of the things I’m toying with is getting back into coding on a more serious basis. It’s been at least 15 years since I last earned a living slinging code (did earn some beer-and-pretzels money more recently that that), and that was in a language that’s now pretty much extinct (that’s a blog-story for a rainy day, maybe).

Anyway,  have just begun tinkering with Python (3.4.2), which means I’m fighting with syntax differences, how do I tell this interpreter/compiler I want to do that (function I’ve coded before)?

Just baby-steps so far, but it does look like a satisfyingly powerful tool (an a modern one!). Should get easier with practice.

Will I get any practice? Several other new balls I’ve tossed up in the air to juggle recently, and each makes a good excuse to not-do the others. We’ll have to see.

“Every year is getting shorter,
Never seem to find the time.”

(To explore: does WP grok em-spaces? en-dashes?)


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