Hair Glue

Finishing Paste. Forming cream. Are you still using that greasy kid stuff? Pomade. Hair spray. Styling mousse. Brylcreem.

There’s hundreds of products, but they all serve basically the same purpose. Glue down your hair at given favored shape (x). Unscented or zomgstinks; largely irrelevant to the primary purpose, gluing your hair in a semi-permanent shape.

Now I’m not a vanity kind of guy, I generally don’t pay much attention at all to my hair. I just dry it off, comb it a couple times, and we’re good for the day. “Bare minimum maintenance”.

But when it’s been freshly cut (as mine was few days back) and it’s really short, or it’s really humid outside, my hair tends to develop odd little cow licks. So I reach for the Hair Glue to nail it down to keep it from doing its own thing (too much). People look at me strangely if I don’t keep it controlled. Bad Hair Day alarms go off. Beauticians cluck their tongues and shake their heads at me.

Or maybe my imagination is too vivid.

Anyway..when are where was hair glue invented? Who first thunk up this stuff? Mustache Wax? Dapper Dan Pomade? Does it go back even farther than that?

Something to google up while lunch cooks, I guess.

RecDave Seal

What’s your favorite hair glue?


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