I might have mentioned that Brad’s some kind of très buff fitness robot machine (he’s a personal trainer)…? (Dad’s a flab machine, so don’t ask me where he gets it.) He’s got some ridiculously-crazy-low body mass index…and not much body mass, compared to those weights. (He weighs 140 to 150, lifting more than double his own weight here)

Anyway, Annie followed him setting up and lifting 360 at his gym for the “Achievement” photo assignment.

Update: Annie turned one of these (the second image, I think) into refrigerator magnets. For all of his female admirers? Stocking-stuffers? Personal trainer business promos? Heck, I dunno.

Here’s some samples:

10714101_10205365390922352_7849763049996467985_o 10646966_10205365393762423_247718413514072623_n 10624731_10205365392802399_1584011327584396324_n 10404498_10205365391602369_2868509063838183876_n 10397234_10205365403602669_3918322431645917438_o 10394595_10205365393522417_4128099184386013997_n 10392389_10205365394562443_2849103704642654135_n 10363640_10205365391882376_4592542184657099264_n 10330386_10205365394482441_4134401210992268172_n 10150557_10205365392882401_4056050258488196493_n 1982331_10205365393602419_7273188483253332845_n 1743487_10205365392362388_2423626371426413162_n 1385222_10205365392242385_1193494257544261481_n 934886_10205365393082406_3791817535455120002_n

I’ve botched up the order, but ya’ll get the idea.

All photos by Annette Park, ©2014 and all that rot. Mitts off!



Worth the wait?

How long will it be?

“Good things come to those who wait.” Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want?

I’m not exactly Joe Patience, and yes that’s an understatement. My wife puts up with it, bless her, but if you stick me in a queue at a theater or the waiting room of a doctor’s office, I quickly begin to fidget and seek escape routes.

Doctor’s offices, particularly; why in hell do they make appointments for 10AM and then keep you cooling your heels in the waiting room for another hour? I’m prompt and on time (anal about that, in fact). I’ve seen the doctor roaming around the back office drinking coffee and chatting with the office staff…wtf? Is there an express lane here somewhere, doc? Some secret society handshake I need to give the receptionist?

I know, at graduation every doctor received “Here’s your wealth-factory diploma and our special free ‘How to be repeatedly rude to every single customer and still get paid oodles!'” brochure; but please, use the Power responsibly!

I’m ranting, right?

See page for author [CC-BY-4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
Thank goodness for Kindle, my sanity-restoration anti-fidget drug of choice. Since I’ve begun toting it to every dentist/doctor trip, the office staff death toll has been considerably reduced.

So anyway, back to the original question; no, I don’t really agree. I’m not terribly fond of waiting. “Reasonable” is usually a really, really small wait. “Patient” isn’t a word people would pick to describe me.

I think this might be another one of those ‘many character flaws’ I mentioned in a previous post.

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Waiting Rant