The Tiniest Troll

The tiniest troll lived under a tiny bridge that crossed over the tiny stream in a tiny town. His simple life suited him very nicely and he was content.

One day, he heard the clop clop of shoes upon his tiny bridge, and he curiously peeked out from beneath. He spied the youngest Princess, whose name was Gretchen. She was playing with her favorite golden ring, and spinning it around the end of a stick as she crossed the tiny bridge.

Suddenly, the bright golden ring slipped off the stick and landed in the tiny stream with a quiet “plop”, and quickly sank out of view.

Princess Gretchen was distraught over the loss of her favorite golden ring and sat down on the bridge to cry.

“What shall I do? I shan’t ever see my pretty ring ever again,” she wailed.

The tiniest troll slipped quietly under the water beneath his tiny bridge, and holding his breath he swam and he swam and he swam, feeling along the plants and small rocks on the bottom of his tiny stream. He searched high and low, until his hand closed upon the golden ring.

And now the tiniest troll did something very brave indeed. For as you well know, trolls are relatives of the faeries, and they cannot abide the light of the sun. Which is why trolls always live under bridges, and swim under the water. Of course.

But the tiniest troll’s heart was stirred by the mournful cries of Princess Gretchen. And so he gathered his bravery, closed his eyes tight. And stepped out onto his tiny bridge, holding the ring out in his hand.

Princess Gretchen cried out with joy, spying her pretty ring held aloft in the palm of this ugly little creature. And she gathered the tiniest troll in her arms with great joy.

Only to discover that in her arms was a statue. For as you well know, trolls struck by sunlight are transformed instantly to stone.

Realizing the noble sacrifice that the tiny troll had made to return her ring, Gretchen’s heart swelled with gratitude and her eyes filled with tears.

Luckily, one of her tears fell upon the tip of the tiniest troll’s nose. Lucky because the tears of a princess are the only thing that can break the enchantment when a troll is turned to stone!

Before her eyes, the tiniest troll statue cracked, and flakes of stone fell away. Beneath was new pink skin, and hair of blonde. Instead of a tiny troll statue, in its place now stood a tiny, real human boy.

The King was told the tale of the tiniest troll and the golden ring. And he marveled at the miracle of Gretchen and the transformation to a real boy that took place. And before the day was out, he honored the young boy’s loyalty and sacrifice by making him a Prince. In good time, Princess Gretchen and Prince Gerald were wed.

And so they lived happily ever after.

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Inspired by this tiny bridge photo. Thanks guys!


Honesty is such a slanted word

Well, I’ve become far more conscious of how much time, energy and news is being generated by bloggers worldwide. Particularly on political fronts; people devote hundreds of thousands of words daily to slanting events towards one party or the other, or conservative vs liberal.

It was always there, but I guess I just never really noticed before just how much dedicated tub-thumping is happening. Anyone with a flag to wave can instantly draw thousands of likes (and thousands of comment-trolls too).

I’ve gained a new respect for news organizations who attempt to present any sort of news without slant. Of course, according to some people, there aren’t any. Which just goes to demonstrate just what a difficult job it is.

I’ve been watching mob-journalism and trial-by-internet growing more prevalent. And that’s crazy scary, that the most hysterical voices are driving all of the debates, because they have laptops and huge audiences waiting to say “Yeah! Me too! Rabble Rabble!”

And I’ve noticed how many breakfasts I’ve been missing because of these prompts.

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Where have you been, Dave?

What’s the most important (or interesting, or unexpected) thing about blogging you know today that you didn’t know a month ago?