Uh oh, this will suck

So I think this might be bad. We will see. At least I ate first, so that should help. But what I don’t have is a good plan yet. Have to see what pops out. Should I have tried a rhyme or a song?

Well so far it is a mess! (Hold on, my cat needs love.)

Four score and three plus four years past, our dads brought forth on this land, a new state, birthed of free, and true to the plan that all men are made same.

Not quite the same bang for your buck. Speech script by this mode not good. Still, there is a charm to this mode, when it is not too crude. Sounds like the speech of that friend of George from “Of mice and men”, a bit.

Too bad I had no plan. So keep this short this morn, will I.

RecDave Seal

Time is on my side

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