The writing process

I just got done with “Ten Minutes of Useless“. Just wanted to interject a little bit about my writing process. Which usually begins with a prompt, or a phrase, or a title, or an image I like:

from the “Picture It & Write” site.

Now I can’t explain how, but somehow I went from ‘colorful, that’s a way cool ring’ to ‘Green Lantern’ to ‘I should really write some sort of superhero genre piece’. How I arrived at ‘superhero’ from that image, not even I can explain. It just went there. Funky brain connections, who knows?

I haven’t actually written the piece yet, don’t have a plot or a real idea. But this is (roughly) how all of my fiction gets started; a chain of associations–leads to a direction–leads to an idea–leads to a plan (and hopefully, some day, a plot or a hook or a character to get started with).

I don’t tend to plan too much; all I need is the hook to get me started.

I’ll let you know, if I ever find one of those! heh. Despite two posts today on the topic, I’ve still got nothing solid on the genre piece idea, it may need more rumination, or it may die on the vine.

(15 minutes later: wait, think I’ve got something…I’ll be back)


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