Tinkle? No, sorry, Twinkle!

For this week’s challenge, share with us your photos of twinkling light.


Photo courtesy of the lovely and talented Annie. ©2014 and stuff.

Like the ornament. But that twist-tie, Christmas-y?


The War to End All Wars

The Kaiser had requested LZ-38 to fly over Dover and Ramsgate on 16-17 May, 1915.

Waldo and Rudolph worked their way stealthily toward the back of the gondola. They crept silently back through the packed crates to the observation deck aft of the bomb bay.

The navigator said this morning they’d be directly over Dover Castle just after sunrise. Rudolph crouched silently, watching the target coming into view.

With a nod to Waldo, Rudolph rose and the pair released their payloads. Falling, slowly falling…

Bullseye! An Englishman stood below, angrily shaking his fist skyward; drenched by water balloons!

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(Originally wanted to go steampunk…maybe with a longer story. Annie wanted to shoot arrows at the pedestrians! She’s mean!)

Inspired by Sunday Photo Fiction:

View of one of the outbuildings from the roof of Dover Castle

Incidentally–In the real WWI–LZ 38 also attacked Dover and Ramsgate on 16–17 May, before returning to bomb Southend on 26–27 May. These four raids killed six people and injured six, causing property damage estimated at £16,898.

My WWI was much more friendly.


Can I have a bucket of title, extra-crispy please?

Hmm, Anti-Bucket List, this sounds like a wallow in negativity—that should be easy, right?

Except I haven’t really thought of it before. Annie (on hearing topic) popped in with “Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.” And yes, I’ve expressed that viewpoint before; most extreme sports hold negative interest for me. Life’s much too short and precious to risk it for a momentary thrill, I just can’t imagine being that kind of adrenaline junkie.

Tattoos. Annie has one and Brad’s getting one—nothing against theirs; they do own the canvases. But me—no, no thank you. Various kinds of piercings fall under the same general heading, just plain not for me.

Crowds. Most “whopping enormous crowd of people” events are fun-negative projects, for me. Parades, no thanks. Firework displays HELL no. Even Zoos make me a little uncomfortable. At parties I tend to gravitate away from the noise, participating from the fringes. If you have to park a mile away and walk in to a Thing, it’s probably not for me.

High places. No, I’m not phobic. But see: skydiving, high places are just pointless.

Stick Shifts. At this point in my life? I’ve avoided learning to drive a stick (easily) for this long, no reason to start now.

Ice events. No “on ice” shows of any kind, no hockey, ice fishing…nope. Let’s do something warm instead.

Flashing lights. Strobes really, really bother me since the stroke. This one’s actually physical discomfort, instant headaches. Combine flashing lights with Noise and the Crowds, and nightclubs are just a “hell no”.

And I’m running out of immediate ideas which is OK. I sound pretty twitchy already, right?

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These things feel a little bare without the pingback links, don’t they?

What are the top items on your anti-bucket list — those things you never, ever want to do, places you never want to visit, books you never want to read, etc.?