Mirror Mirror

I suppose these three items should suggest some sort of Gothic tale to me…but I woke up thinking of a different story and flavor entirely, and it’s difficult to shift gears put that one ‘on hold’ while working out a daily prompt. But anyway…as usual, I shall forge ahead. A bit of free-writing happening here, going to write this one “live”…let’s see, what shall I…okay, here goes:


Beneficent tilted Ye Olden Happy Poetry book forward on the bookshelf. It triggered the latch and the shelf rotated away, revealing the secret passage behind. These Gothic castles always have secret passages, you just need to find the one out-of-place book on the bookshelf.

She tip-toed her way slowly down the stairs, keeping her hands (and skirts) from brushing the slime-crusted walls. Such poor housekeeping; but she couldn’t expect anything else from her sister.

Echoing up the stairs came a primitive, driving drumbeat. “Metal, of course it’s Metal”, Beneficent thought to herself.

The stairs twisted round and round, down into the depths of the castle dungeons, until finally reaching the very lowest levels. Beneficent looked around at the decor in disapproval, as usual. Her sister’s taste was just abysmal. All black and torches and dripping candles and skulls. Black cats and spiderwebs and oh so gloomy.

“Angrat,” Beneficent called out, “Mum wants you to come up and eat.”

Angrat was busily working some sort of scrying spell at the big mirror, some nonsense about “fairest in the land”. Muttering and gesturing, she failed no notice Beneficent walking up behind her.

Beneficent reached out to gently tap her sister on the shoulder. “Angrat…”

Angrat screeched and started, as the mirror first showed the reflection of her sister, and promptly shattered into a million tiny pieces.

Both sisters just stood stunned for a moment, watching the shards of silvered glass falling around their feet.

Angrat glared cold murder.

Photo credit: AddamsFamily.com

“Mum says you must come to breakfast.” Beneficent repeated, smiling brightly.

“She never lets me have any fun,” Angrat cried, stamping her foot. She gathered her dark cloaks around her, mounted her broom, and  flew up the stairs to breakfast.

Beneficent picked up an apple from a tray sitting next to a vial of sinister-looking green fluid, and started up the stairs after her sister, munching happily.

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For our final trio prompt of the year, write about any topic you wish, but make sure your post features a bookcase, something cracked, and a song you love.


Uninspiring Trio

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