Where the shadows lie

Better, I thought. This setup was so much better. Looking west, toward the ramparts. So much more modern, so much more efficient.

The last time was mainly a fluke. A bizarre series of coincidences and luck. Fate scheming against me, unfairly and to my detriment.

But as I admired the new fortifications, the new battlements, the new highway system, landing lights, communications towers—it was easy to forget, and to dismiss what happened last time.

My troops were ready and my plan secure, nothing could go wrong.

This time, I’d be certain to crush all of the damned hobbits first.

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Inspired by this Sunday Photo Fiction prompt:



14 thoughts on “Where the shadows lie”

    1. Am I alone about that image having a vaguely military feel to it?

      I mean, there’s a little Vegas Neon, too. Wonder where it’s actually at (the real photo). Those look like buttes back there..

      1. This was taken from my back balcony. Those are the “White Cliffs of Dover” with the road leading down to the Dover Eastern Docks. The houses along there are about 100 years old, with the ones on my side being more than 200 years old. The big red light is a radio mast right beside the lifeboat lookout post and radar.

    1. There, see? To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

      “I always knew there was beauty in that.”
      –Love, Sauron

      1. Aw, you meant the View was beautiful. Not Sauron’s Evil Master Plan For World Domination 😦

        Well, that’s ok, turns out that’s Al’s house, so he gets to plot Evil from his balcony (and enjoy that view!)

    1. I think it’s unwise to count your corpuses before they are hatched, where’s the body Gandalf? Hollywood sequels have certainly been built on much thinner premises.

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