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Welcome aboard, to the ParkInkSpot. I’m your host, that guy up there in the Reclaiming Dave logo, and the designated primary whiner in this locality.

What needs to be reclaimed? Oh, my youth, several belt sizes, my sense of whimsy, direction. Simple stuff! Nothing to it! Just grow a pair, problem solved.

Hah, fooled you, this post is almost certain to be edited! As soon as I give birth to a brilliant direction for this Good Ship Blog to sail…

“Cap’n, she’s already leaking!”

Uh oh.

Re-write this first post. All righty then. (Check-mark one prediction made by that past me, edited=true! Two points!)

Welcome, readers. I’m Dave, and I guess I’m supposed to have learned something, over the last couple of months. I have,  but how many of them are Major Epiphanies, and how many are just Wisdom McNuggets?

Mostly, I’ve got more direction, and a better idea of what it is that this particular blog is intended to do. (For a good long while back there, in the earliest days, I was just flailing around waiting for a direction to aim at.)

But then I started writing fiction, and this blog became more aimed. I’ve also got a lot more practice at the non-fiction end, which (mostly) just consists of burping out whatever thoughts are in my head any particular morning. Some mornings, obviously, I’m much more interesting than others.

Barely controlled chaos is our official theme here at the ParkInkSpot!

We talk about whatever Daily Post wants us to, on any given morning. We talk about whatever chaos my brain feels like making up stories about, on other mornings.

I think we can forget about reclaiming anyone’s waistline. And that youth is long, long gone.

Sense of whimsy—oh yeah, I’ve still got that. Rolling in it, it drives the Chaos.

Sense of direction—well, we do seem to be sneaking up on one.

Grow a pair. Hmm, I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

The “author” pretension seems to have blossomed, a little bit. Watering that cute little sprout, as time goes by.

Anyway, thanks to my regulars, and any new readers. I do this stuff for you guys. Wish I had a closing Wisdom McNugget to pass along but would you settle for a Funny Cat Video?

Hey, look! Over there!

(Closing posts r hard, yo.)

parkinkspot sq logo

Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post.

Revision Fail


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