Ahm all growed up, maw

It’s pretty disputable if I’ve ever actually reached the ‘grown-up’ stage. All of that escapist entertainment, literature, those silly games… No, to most of the world, I guess it’s still never happened.

But for me, when did I start to feel “adult”…hmm.

Probably had something to do with our first apartment, and both of us in full-time jobs. Getting out of bed to crawl off and “make the donuts”, each and every morning… Except it was every night, in my particular case.

Maybe the first time I had to foot a major auto repair bill I couldn’t really afford. That’s a pretty sobering “wow, adulthood sucks” experience. Paying Uncle Sam…? I’ve got to give up how much to social security?!?

All in all, we should have spent the rest of our  lives in school. Somehow.  Grown-up really does stink, in a lot of ways. What a crappy deal to dump on your kids.

Stop, kids! Don’t do it! Go back!

Now of course I felt like a grown-up round..I dunno, fourteen or so maybe. Old folks just don’t understand me, heh. Rebelious punk, shoulda been horse-whipped more often.

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Brad turns 21 in a week or two, let’s ask him.

When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?

HOW much??!?!


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