“Better make sure your car starts”

You know how stupid-cold it must be outside for her to say that, right? The sort of weather Eskimos fly to Florida to avoid.

Yes, it’s stupid-cold enough to worry about the car starting (or not). The Chevy felt reliable today. (It’s not really old enough to reach that ‘unreliable’ stage, though its driver certainly is). Started right up, naturally.

But now for the fun part…did you know that, just idling, your car needs to sit running for thirty minutes? Starting it puts a big drain on Mister Battery. According to the Internet (font of all wisdom), it’ll take 10-15 minutes of driving, or thirty minutes of idling, to make sure the battery’s fully charged.

Assuming your alternator is working, that is.

Now I feel stupid for the test-start. Who knew it took that bloody long? Just goes to show, wives are not intended to be heeded. Nothing good ever comes from it.

Back to my couch-potato-ing. Another convenient excuse to avoid doing any writing! Meanwhile, the Sinister Sub-Zero Auto Theft Ring is driving my car away, chortling.

Damn, I could’ve just surfed the internet, if I wanted an excuse to not-write.

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Did I mention I don’t like winter?


2 thoughts on ““Better make sure your car starts””

  1. I need no excuse for couch-potatoing either, but then I am a little older than you and so have an excuse ? LOL

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