Oh, right

And now I get to write something for today’s actual prompt (today’s prompt arrived three hours late, and I posted Rooting for Dudley as a fill-in earlier today).

Now onto the actual prompt for today:

Let’s assume we do, in fact, use only 10% of our brain. If you could unlock the remaining 90%, what would you do with it?

Count cards to a six-deck chute. All of the cards (not just face cards) and not just estimating probability, working with the exact probabilities updating in real-time following each card flip.

Of course, that would undoubtedly lead to a short career that ended violently, so let’s pass on that first gut-instinct answer.

Assuming eidetic memory as a given:

Let’s learn to play every instrument in the orchestra. Sure–talent; just knowing the mechanical aspects doesn’t make you a prodigy–but it’s hell of a start. Remembering every score helps, too.

Prince (or the Artist Formerly Known As, or whatever) is the polymathic sort of musician I’m envisioning. Played and arranged 27 instruments on his first album…yeah, I could do that kind of thing for a living.

I’m assuming it would be fairly easy for an eidetic to jump instruments.

Of course, no one claiming to have long-term eidetic memory has ever been able to prove  it, so…who knows what sort of weirdness becomes possible?

It’s even a stretch to assume more ‘brain use’ results in these borderline super-powers, but hey, it’s my post. Go play with your own assumptions.

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Brain Power


2 thoughts on “Oh, right”

  1. Poor tafkap, so much talent and yet no ubderstanding of how nicknames work. 1) You don’t get to choose your own, and 2) You don’t get more than one

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