Blooms in the courtyard

Leaving my seclusion is difficult.

She lives across the empty courtyard between our buildings, the courtyard where she grows flowers. I’ve seen her come and go dozens of times, tending her flower pots. But we didn’t meet until last month.

As a child, she was called Meliboea, but now she goes by Chloris. Which means “the pale one”—she became permanently pale because she was so frightened by her sibling’s deaths.

Tonight I meet her parents. I’ve learned it’s an unspoken requirement to meet the parents in Greek families.

I’m feeling faint myself. I hope I don’t turn too pale.

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In response to this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt.

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

14 thoughts on “Blooms in the courtyard”

    1. Wow, it never occurred to me to wonder who the ‘him’ in this tale was.
      Kind of a stretch for Alexis tho, that’s the wrong Melboea (I think). The intended Melboea/Chloris is the last surviving Niobid.
      Too much reference overlap :aieieeee:

    1. You could tell from the image that most of the tales produced for it would be somber and darkety-dark. Not my kind of line, so I built around the tiny bits of color just barely visible through the window, instead.

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