Easy Fix

One night, Dave got to bed early, slept through the whole night, and did not have to get up too soon. He woke up feeling well and truly rested, for the first time in…well, it seemed like eternity.

All through the day, amazing things started happening. Peace talks in the middle east ended in handshakes. Terrorists turned themselves in to police all over the globe. All of his favorite teams won. Uncle Sam discovered huge bookkeeping errors, and announced the most massive tax refund in history. People at work were actually cheerful and smiling. A cure for cancer was announced.

At the end of the day, as he climbed back into bed, he reflected on how such a simple thing could have such profound and worldwide effects. Tomorrow, maybe, he’d let the President know that he’d discovered the secret that would save everything. And it was so easy!

He set his book aside and closed his eyes. And all was right in the world.

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You guys knew I was the Center of the Universe, right? All human misery comes from my lack of sleep.

Write a post about any topic you wish, but make sure it ends with “And all was right in the world.”

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