Vacations to avoid

There are a lot of places that I never want to visit.

I’m a techophile. I’m pretty sure I’d go stark, raving nuts in the third world. I need internet and satellite and air conditioning. I need my creature comforts and I like civilization, I’m a big big fan.

I’m more of a room-service traveler than a deep woods camper. If I have to march for hours (or days) to get there, I don’t want to go.

Too cold? Forget it. Annie wants to see the Rockies, and Alaska. Well, I’ve been to both (Alaska only for about half an hour while changing planes on the way to Japan, I admit). No, sorry, thank you.

Too hot? Forget it. Your mesas and buttes might be pretty, but if it’s 113 degrees and zero humidity, the discomfort level is just too damned high.

No reason to visit anywhere that people are shooting at each other.

I don’t want to ski, or hike, or skydive, or climb rocks. Scuba might be fun; tropical waters please. Bikini eye-candy to make it more fun?

But note: the power of the honey-do effect has been known to override my grumping, and get me out to places I never dreamed of going on my own. (Philadelphia is next on the list). I think they have civilization there?

Sometimes, I even have a little fun despite myself. The key might be to just force me to go places and ignore the whining.

If you get the impression that Annie must be a Saint to put up with this nonsense, you just might be right.

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Antarctica? Really?!

Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not?


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