The best thing since sliced bread

… High speed internet.

Oh, my mom manages to live without. Don’t ask me how. But anyone who lived through the AOL years knows, for certain, what a blessing from above high-speed internet was over the earlier tech. No more ten minute wait to connect, no more minute-per-image downloads…resulting in a much more visual internet, as a whole.

I guess its more a question of the internet becoming another entertainment source, rather than a novelty. That required the birth of broadband.

We can stream video, we can download entire movies. We can surf the length and depth of the internet with near-instant image delivery.

Even I don’t use it fully, not to its full potential. But Brad does. He’s had it his entire life.

And it’s being supplanted by smartphones, anyway, of course.Brad’s generation is much more dependent. I shudder to think how much relative paycheck he’s devoting solely to entertainment.

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The words you’re reading would not be here at AOL throughput.


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