“Ugh,” she said, “I’m sorry, doctor. Your stench is horrible.”

It’s an experimental matter transmission system. An object is broken down into atoms and reassembled at the destination booth.

I shouldn’t have left my ferret out to play around the transmission booth.

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Five delicious lunches

Well, I only get to choose five, so balancing the nutrition should be a treat…not.

But I suppose I must begin with bananas (Nature’s Perfect Food, the ads used to say). And they are chock full of useful calories and carbs, and a surprising amount of potassium and trace elements rarely found elsewhere. Gorilla diet = human food. I’ll pass on the bugs as a protein source though, thanks.

A breedable and sustainable protein source. I guess Goats? Easier to maintain than beef, for sure. Damn, I was hoping to get by without needing to learn butchery. Robinson Crusoe in his goat-skin cap, here we come!

I hope my desert island has an ocean. Need seafood, please. I guess crabs are the easiest to acquire, generally speaking. (Can we cheat some not-on-the-list variety, here?)

So protiens and carbs, what’s missing? Probably just vitamins?

Gimme that orange tree (that miraculously grows in this climate), since Scurvy is one of the big malnutrition boys.

Iron from the red meat, iodine from the seafood…what’s a good source of Vitamin A? Hmm, looks like sweet potatoes. Another starchy carb!

Hey, I may even put on weight, on this desert isle.

Well, that’s all I get to choose. Hope there’s enough trace elements in this spread. Nutritionist! I think there’s something missing (antioxidants?), but hey, they only gave me five.

Better be some damned coconuts or breadfruit or something on this island!

Hey, get out of my hut, damn goat. Shoo!

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You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

Hint: Eat your captors and escape!