Crap of Dawn

Here we are again, crawling out of bed to greet the frozen darkness outside. Freezing rain, too. What a way to build a terrific mood!

Ain’t winter over yet? Shooooo! Get OUT of here Winter, crawl back in your hole and disappear, already.

Previous posts made at 4am haven’t been terribly coherent or successful, so I don’t think I’ll really try.

Looking over the the old Daily Post prompt, clearly uninspiring. String of dud topics lately. Or maybe I’m just done with DP.

So I think I’ll just munch my breakfast and read. Exciting, huh?

Not really. But whatya want at 4AM, rubber biscuit?

Maybe I’ll be inspirational and inspired after work. But probably not, it’s just a soul-sucking black hole that inspires, mostly, a desire to make a prison break and run for your life.

Or maybe that’s the 4AM fatalism talking, again. Probably.

I’ve totally got to dream up a serial fiction to fill these blah mornings with.

Tune in tomorrow to see if the Green Hornet and Kato can escape Dr. Destruction’s Horrible Trap of Death!

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