Trash taken out

A sink of dishes to do, on the honey-do chore list. But I’m “gathering my energy”. Most folks would call it “stalling” or “wasting time”.

Because, honestly, I’m not terribly eager to face the sink monster this morning.

But I’m also thinking about several story hooks, and how I want to write them. So see, I am doing something! I’m plotting and not-writing!


Anyway you look at it, I should be feeling guilty for not getting A done or not getting B done or my expanding arse occupying a computer chair again.

But it’s my day off! Aren’t I entitled to enjoy the “not-working” which that implies, a little bit, before climbing back into harness and towing the load of salt out of the mine?

See what this blogging thing does? Writing (once an enjoyable leisure activity) now viewed with a degree of “Ugh, work, do not like”. When did that happen?

Annie, how many more weeks until vacation? And Spring?

Meanwhile, dishes are not washing themselves. Nor are brilliant plot ideas leaping magically into my head. Curse you, imagination. Work better. Tote that barge, lift that bail,  nose to the grindstone, whipcrack.

Sadly, even grumbling about chores is way more fun that those Daily Prompt topics have been, lately.

parkinkspot sq logo

Sigh… Now I have to Face the Sink.



2 thoughts on “Trash taken out”

    1. Both, as it turns out. Sometimes the staring into the distance whilst doing dishes nudges the invention?

      Oh god, I hope that’s not always what it takes 😛

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