Can you take me High Enough?

“Gothmog reporting as ordered, Dark Lord.”

“Excellent. Successful mission spying on those pesky hobbits?”

“Yes, Lord. This image is a new edifice, shot at high resolution from Wraith Force One. It was recently erected in the Shire, just a mile or two from the hole that… creature used to occupy.”

“Isn’t that shape a little, erm, phallic for Hobbits?”

“Well sir, it appears to be a standard Hobbit-burrow dwelling, but constructed atop a high-rise rather than underground.”

“Why would a halfling want to live so high in the air, instead of safely under a hill?” asked the Dark Lord.

“See these interesting structures at the base of the tower? We believe them to be reaction thrusters. Really big fireworks.”

“You can’t mean…”

“Yes sir. The hobbit in this image is Libbo Gabbins, the builder of these structures. He intends to be the first Halfling to reach orbit.”

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Inspired by this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction prompt:

–copyright Joe Owens 2015