Soon it will be my fifty-fourth birthday. Most of you kids can’t conceptually grasp reaching that landmark. I once vowed never to pass thirty, but life makes liars out of many of us. Every moment that remains after the stroke is gravy.

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13 thoughts on “Landmarks”

  1. I’m not even sure if this qualifies as micro-fiction, since every word of it is true. Micro-non-fiction? Story about some guy named Bill?

    1. Hi Dave! It doesn’t have to be fiction. A microstory for yeah write can be fiction or nonfiction. I am 51 so I totally grasp this 😉

      1. Thanks, didn’t figure it’d be a thang, really.
        And I hope you cannot grasp it (no life-altering medical moments) entirely! That shouldn’t happen to nice folks.

  2. Happy Birthday in advance, Dave. At 54, you’ll still be way behind me. 🙂 It seems we share April birthdays, then. I’ve got 14 years on you, so you’re a mere youngster. Enjoy your day. Say hello to Bill. 🙂

      1. Bill was a semi-regular on the Bloom County comic strip…which, wow, closed down clear back in the 90s? :sadface:

      2. It’s always sad when our favourite magazines – or just characters – are shelved/discontinued. But perhaps it’s time to fight your withdrawal symptoms? Face the future with a brave face – and all that jazz . . . 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday! It does seem that after a big health scare like a heart attack, stroke, or the diagnosis of cancer or the like…every birthday following something like that is a blessing and a cause for celebration.

    1. Hell, I have to remind myself, once in a while. “Relax, it could be way worse than xxxx. Don’t waste time on the trivial stuff.”

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