Instantaneous Verdict

Clotho dove under the awning, escaping the sheets of horizontal rain pelting the fairground. He panted and shook drops from his over-sized boat shoes. This was not a gentle, whispering rain. It thundered down so viciously that every raindrop shattered through the canvas into mist. Lightning slashed down against the coaster and an ear-splitting roar echoed through the darkness. This savage wasn’t taking prisoners.

Rubbing his hands against his sodden and drooping puffed sleeves, Clotho yearned only for warmth and comfort. That’s all he’d ever really wanted. The lost days wasted sleeping off hangovers, all of the boisterous, bright circus evenings and intoxicated, empty nights. He never sought fame or fortune, just a little simple kindness.

“Is that too much to ask, damn you?” Clotho the Clown shook his white-gloved fist at the uncaring clouds.

Wiping away his tears, he wobbled unsteadily through the rain toward his tent. The rapacious storm pounced eagerly with an actinic flash.

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157 words. Inspired by this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt:


4 thoughts on “Instantaneous Verdict”

  1. Started this one with two goals in mind: avoid the ‘evil clown’ archetype, and play around with some classic horror-esque creepy-haunted-house-meets-dark-carnival type Setting. Is ‘drunken clown’ too ubiquitous?

    A little too adjective-heavy and plot-light for my taste.

  2. Actually, I like it. A lot. I don’t think using a drunken clown is to ubiquitous, in fact, I think that is what is endearing to me because it feels so realistic. I can put myself in his shoes and feel his feelings. I can feel his sadness and despair over his life. I think it is excellent. Thank you for joining in on our ‘humble’ challenge. 🙂

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