Spring-ball thang

Okay, for today’s embarrassing moment, I have a silly bit of general clumsiness (and tragic loss) to share.

This silly little thing:

Which appears to be officially titled a “mixing ball” comes with smoothie jugs, drinking bottles, etc.—to help stir up whatever you’re shaking in the container. Probably only marginally  useful, I suppose.

But anyway, it’s made of springy stainless steel. And belongs to Annie. I was washing dishes, and tossed it rather carelessly into the drying rack.

Sproing. It took (of course) the worst possible bounce, right over the end of the counter and back behind the fridge.

When a couple of big guys with a dolly pull the fridge out in some-odd years, I’m sure they’ll scratch their heads and wonder what this dusty, rusty thing is doing back there.

And I run a husband-point deficit for the day, whatever few points I may have squeaked out of doing the dishes is more than lost. Can’t cost more than a buck or two, but lord ::eyeroll:: what fools these mortals be. One of them, anyway.

And that’s the inaugural issue of Derp of the Day! Fascinating, right? See you next time I feel stupid enough to share!

RecDave Seal

Additional embarrassment <–I always wanna spell that with only one “r”.


4 thoughts on “Spring-ball thang”

  1. I hate curly metal things. They’re hard to wash, hard to dry and hard to store.
    Don’t worry about your spelling. Nobody can spell embarizsmant.

  2. Just idly curious: Is there any particular reason why YOU couldn’t pull the fridge out & reclaim the thing, along with whatever else has slipped behind & under it over the years?

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