Offensive punalty

“It’s called the Eye of Selene,” he explained.

Captivated by the glow in her palms, a soft gasp escaped her. “It’s amazing,” she breathed. The six-inch crystal orb emitted a dim, even light. Gazing into it, most viewers would recognize the familiar mares, oceans, and craters of Luna.

“Thousands of years ago, the Greek gods imbued crystal orbs with the tiniest portion of their power. The Eye of Mars is red, the Eye of Neptune glows blue, and so on. I’ve been trying to complete the collection, but each individual orb is an archaeological search of enormous proportion. They’ve been scattered all over the planet, some in museum collections, some captured by pirates, some lost to antiquity.”

Suspicion flared. She happened to know George had never been out of the state. But whatever, this globe-thing was pretty.

“Mercury is lost, Venus is bright yellow/white, Jupiter is greyish-blue with that big red spot, and Saturn is yellowish with cool rings. Pluto was recently lost. So there’s really only one Eye missing. It’s brown. Can you guess which god it is?”

She ticked off planets in her head.

“Only one missing is Ur…” She spied the reflection of his delighted grin in the Eye. “You bastard!”

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Inspired by this week’s Picture It & Write prompt (which really IS pretty):

White nights by (Juanfer Penagos)