The King of Everything

Life is quiet for the last man on Earth.

Other people have only irritated me since Jeannie passed and I paid extra to leave them out of my Virtual. I wanted all of the trappings of civilization, without any arseholes. My Virtual includes my home and my street, duplicated exactly, but without people. I can smoke, drink, swear, and even walk around naked on my front lawn. There’s not a soul around to bother me.

I was enjoying catching up on my reading and studying mechanical engineering. I thought I might even build a windmill someday.

That is, until this morning. When I glanced across the street, at the blue house where Jones used to live.

The red flag on the mailbox is up.

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124 words. Inspired by this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt:

Photo © Dawn M. Miller



8 thoughts on “The King of Everything”

  1. You obviously didn’t pay enough to keep the ‘arseholes’ out of your Viirtual. Or, perhaps the sight of you wondering around in your birthday suit just drew some of the ‘arseholes’ back? Very amusing story, Dave, so I can now hop off to bed laughing. Hope you manage to get that windmill built. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh creepy! I love it! So much is said with that red flag on the post office box being up. I think it is someone that’s going to conquer his virtual world and wipe him out. :D:D LOL

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