It’s always your choice

“In fiction, every person decides for themselves what type of story they want to live in, Darla.” Captain Koopmann indicated the island currently off the ocean liner’s starboard railing to young Miss Slater. “If you wanted to live in a fantasy, that island is inhabited by Dragons. If you wanted to be in a stirring Pirate yarn, Cutthroat Island is bound to be its name. Given no other data, your imagination is always free to choose.”

Darla mutely nodded and examined the island thoroughly before deciding.

“I don’t believe it’s either of those.” Darla observed the enormous sea bird, climbing slowly above the island’s central mountain peaks. It was comfortably larger than a passenger airliner. “I’m pretty sure that this one’s going to be called Monster Island.”

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Inspired by this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt:



12 thoughts on “It’s always your choice”

  1. Wow, a bird larger than an passenger airliner? I would say she is right. Either that or Jurassic Park. Enjoyed reading this story! Your stories are always written well.

    1. I predict Jurassic Park will get “big” again very soon…the next movie’s about to come out.

      I’m more of a classic Godzilla lover, personally.

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