We’d like to welcome you

Engine Company 31 responded to fire report early in the afternoon; a minor fire in a vacant lot with little danger of spreading.

The freak weather arrived suddenly. Rapidly darkening skies, rumbling and the whistle of high-speed winds heralded the arrival of a funnel cloud. Seconds before touchdown, a wooden building plummeted from the sky and slammed down with a colossal crash in the empty lot.

The firefighters stood staring at one another in disbelief.

The door flew open with a sharp kick from the inside. Small and colorfully dressed figures exited the home, singing.

“We represent the Lollipop Guild.”

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Inspired by this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt:

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

And for folks who might miss the reference, a scene from the Wizard of Oz (MGM 1939):


34 thoughts on “We’d like to welcome you”

  1. Ok, I get that it’s smoke. But my first glance at this image, I saw a tornado. Don’t ask me why. Tornado, house, Oz.
    Except I wanted to know what happened if the house came *from* Oz and landed in Kansas…

  2. Dear Dave,

    You’re always free to see what you want in a prompt. I’ve had to explain myself a few times when I stepped a mile away from the box.

    Love this tale from the other side of the rainbow. Very clever. You made me laugh.



  3. Dear Dave,

    I don’t care about the niggling inconsistencies here and there….I love this story. Even after we know where it’s going it is impossible to get off. Good stuff. Welcome to Munchkin Land.



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