Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration

Bessie ambled at a clop while I waved at the state fair spectators. She bolted in terror at a loud noise and I fought for control. When the carriage overturned, I ended in the hospital. Velocity doesn’t hurt.

It’s the sudden stop.

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15 thoughts on “Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration”

    1. I did too. Seemed to fit a ‘how fast’ story.

      Could have went with “OLBlessed DEceleration,” I suppose. Just doesn’t feel right to mangle a classic line.

    1. I’m actually not real fond of 42. I mean, nano-fiction is 55 and under, micro-fiction is 100-500. There’s even a six word category.

      42 just seems to be trapped in a weird in-between place. These definitions are arbitrary and flexible, I suppose.

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