My Papa’s best fishing yarn

Papa often took us punting along the shores of Lake Flathead. Spreading his tall tales and teaching my brother Jackson about fishing. “I found a dozen arrowheads under that hollow log just there. With an old scalp and two beaver pelts.”

“Really, Papa?” asked Emilia. Gullible as a newborn puppy, my youngest sister always had an unwavering faith in Papa.

Jackson was more skeptical. “Scalps? It’s not the Civil War.”

His “Honest Injun” poker face was how I could always tell when Papa was fibbing a little. At their ages I don’t think my siblings had caught on yet.

“Strike me down if it ain’t so,” Papa glibly lied. “We saw a big ol’ gator out there once, too.”

“There aren’t any gators in Montana.” Jackson was quite certain.

“Probably ain’t. But what’s that shadow under the water, just there?”

Jackson nearly fell out of the boat when the scaled back of the Spinosaurus broke the surface in the deepest part of the lake.

Papa laughed. “Guess it were mebbe a wee bigger’n a gator.”

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175 words. Inspired by this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt:

© Ady

20 thoughts on “My Papa’s best fishing yarn”

  1. I loved this. I could picture all of this happening as if I was sitting in the boat. Gotta love this daddy’s tales and his gullible little ones. Great ending!

  2. Just a wee bigger?! XD For their sake, I hope that carnivorous dinosaur is just an attraction piece in a disguised theme park! Or maybe Papa brought them as dinner… o.O 😛

  3. Nothing like a little terror mixed with small children on the water. White lies, damn lies and statistics. … Mark Twain left out family. Good story brings back memories.

    1. I think this “Papa” is loosely based on my maternal grandfather. He died when I was, oh, five or six. Guess that makes me the gullible younger daughter?

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