Pour some sugar on me

“Thank you for your patience, Mr. Morrison. You’ve been waiting quite a while, and I need to apologize. With so many to process, we’re a bit behind. I’m doing my best, but we’re understaffed right now, won’t you forgive me? Thank you.”

“Here comes the last bit, let me just hook up this hose. Turn this valve and voilà. Just what you needed sir, thick and syrupy, I’m sure you’ll be quite pleased. You’ll find it delightful, fruity, with just a hint of formaldehyde—our very finest vintage, sir, nothing but the best for you. Into your arteries, that’s right.”

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In response to this weed’s Friday Fictioneers prompt:

PHOTO PROMPT – © Madison Woods

28 thoughts on “Pour some sugar on me”

    1. I actually spent an hour this morning researching exactly what was in embalming fluids…fascinating reading. Kind of creepy, though!

      1. And I here was thinking you are an undertaker 🙂 Interesting how we end up researching and go on tangents when writing a 100 word story.

    1. Mr. Morrison doesn’t have much to say. Which is good, the Complaints Dept. has an excessively long waiting time.

  1. Dave, that was a great and humorous, though creepy, story about an embalmer working on a body. However, that being said, I could probably have gone happily through the rest of my life not knowing what was in that embalming fluid. O_o Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne

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