Forces of Nature


View from my front porch during the Flood (of 2013, we’ve had more than one!) The emergency guys are trying to tow trapped cars out of the (submerged) street.

As always, photo by the lovely and talented Annie.

Three days to get the power back on (this time)


6 thoughts on “Forces of Nature”

  1. Scenes like this are never good, although quite common in many places worldwide – even in Britain. I imagine it was a river flood, but wahtever its cause. your photo shows the effects of it well.

    1. Nope, straight-up thunderstorms, 12 inches over a day and a half. The big problem in chicagoland is how long/how many streetlights go down, snarls up rush hour for a lot of days.

      1. The rainfall figures you quote are staggering! No wonder streets get flooded. I can see how the loss of street lighting would be a huge problem. Forces of Nature definitely at work here. Thank you for explaining that to me, Dave.

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