The second civil war ended with a whimper

The high-tension power lines overhead charge the electrified barbed-wire barrier. From the fence hangs a very simple—and effective—warning for trespassers: “Warning! If you cross this fence, you will die!” It prominently features a “jolly roger” on a field of red.

The Thomkins Clan is deadly serious. In 2045, they successfully seceded from the United States, making it quite clear to the government that the Clan possessed the military firepower necessary to enforce their desire for independence.

Thanks to some mid-60s booster rocket plans and 3D printer technology—that is the Clan’s private ICBM silo, over in that cornfield.

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In response to this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt:

PROMPT –© Marie Gail Stratford

34 thoughts on “The second civil war ended with a whimper”

  1. A scary scenario. I wonder how many other families have made that decision. The country could be littered with similar defence systems. A well portrayed bleak future.

    1. Well, the ‘average’ family probably can’t afford the tech. But any low-level corporation certainly could…

      “Subway annexes Syria!”

    1. 3D printers have a great deal of story potential…they’re very likely to change the world (as much as the internet did?)

      Elon Musk (SpaceX) is already using them. For building rockets….

    1. Wait until the government figures out (too late) that some regulation is required. They’re just beginning to understand the intertubes.

  2. That’s not a very promising future. I have seen some TV shows (Doomsday prep or something like that) where such clans do exist and are building eloborate defence systems deep in the forests. Nicely done story!

    1. Well, every new technology that comes along has the potential (probability) of being misused by some nutball somewhere.

      It’s the fundamental-breakthrough technologies that outpace the public’s ability to deal with. The government will catch on–a decade late.

  3. Scary! I agree, 3d printers change the world. We’re on the way to get all the fancy Star Trek tech, but without the ethics. Great story.

  4. Dear Obi-Wan Davobi,
    Mr. Thomkins is very protective of his corn, and not just the one on the middle toe of his left foot. Rumor has it they have a lot of untaxed liquor in that silo, though it would be foolish of revenuers to try and seize it.
    – Clem

  5. Love the tale in the future and I still can’t get my head around this 3D printer capability which are possible now let alone what it may be able to do in 2045. I really am taken with the sign that leaves no room for question “You will die.” I think I’d definitely stay out. Great flash.

      1. It is mind boggling. Thank you for the link. It is wonderful that exo skeletons and jaws etc can be made. I now want to find someone that can make me 3D shoes for my horrible feet. I wonder if this will lead to people living forever as body parts are replaced as they start to fail. And I do wonder about the effect it could have on the economy in the long term as we all make our own bits and pieces.

  6. You can find the directions on how to make anything on the internet now if you have the money, let alone in 2045. That clan must have money to burn–or blow up. 🙂 — Suzanne

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