Pretty sharp

“Did you bring it?”

“Yes sir, exactly as you requested.

Cavendish placed the leather sheath on the table, drew the knife carefully, and placed it for inspection.

Metcalfe whistled. “I didn’t expect it to catch the light like that.”

“Yes sir. Dr. Koufax told me the light refraction is an implicit result of the crystal formation. The molecular lattice is unique, and not found in nature. It will hold a durable edge that’s one atom thick. It’s completely non-metallic, of course.”

Metcalfe nodded at the image of Our Great Leader climbing out of his private jet.

“No metal detectors, perfect.”

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100 words, inspired by this week’s Picture It & Write prompt:

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4 thoughts on “Pretty sharp”

  1. It is possible to sharpen a razor edge down to a single atom, with electron emission. Why would you need it that sharp? Er… it sounds science nerdly kewl?

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