A mission of gravity

“All units, status check please.”

“Propulsion systems ready.”
“Navigation systems ready.”
“Communication systems ready.”

“Very well. As per mission parameters, at oh niner hundred we will deploy, seek and engage active targets in the southeast sector. If we find any active targets, we will apply standard targeted marketing systems. If successful, we will deliver our payload and return to base for debriefing. It is now oh eighty five nine, rolling out on my mark…three, two, one…mark!”

The lightly armored suburban assault vehicle sparkled in the morning sunlight as it rolled out from home base and turned southeast into “The Haven at Harvest Creek Gardens” subdivision.

“Communications. Deploy targeted marketing, please.”

The loudspeakers broadcast a jingling melody as the ice cream truck rolled past the playground.

parkinkspot sq logo

125 words. In response to this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction prompt:

LEGO Ice Cream van



12 thoughts on “A mission of gravity”

  1. Apologies to Hal Clement.
    What can I say, I was watching a NASA video this morning, so you got a mission control voiceover for an ice cream truck run.

  2. An icecream truck on a mission! I accidentally read “targeted marketing systems” as “targeted marking systems”.

    Nice creativity.

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