Sterling looked Jones over and frowned. The sergeant released the sigh of an angel pushed beyond endurance. “All right Jones, this duty is easy enough, even for your obviously simple mind. We guard this staircase. Nobody gets through the rusty door over there, and I mean no one. Shoot to kill, full prejudice, and we’re authorized to use lightning or any other means necessary.”

“Sergeant, I don’t understand. Isn’t this the stairway to Heaven?” Pvt. Jones flapped his wings to hold position.

Sterling slapped a palm over his face. “You’ve been listening to lyrics or something boy? Look down, son.”

The decayed stair spiraled away into darkness at the limit of vision. Storm clouds threatened and thunder ominously rumbled.

“It goes…”

“Right, bright boy, all the way to the other place.”

“Who’s going to climb it, sergeant?”

“Are you some kind of mental midget? They’re always trying to get out.”

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150 words. Inspired by this week’s Picture It & Write prompt:

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