Work smarter, not harder

“Now we come to ol’ Prometheus. You probably remember his story, pissed off Zeus, chained to a big rock, eagle pecking out his liver, yada yada. Well, after Heracles came through, we had an unemployed titan wandering around for a while, so the Boss put him to work.”

Virgil indicated the big guy struggling against the weight of a titanic (literally) chain that his massively muscled shoulders supported.

“Though this is a new attraction, Boss says that Prometheus suffers from a classic Barnum problem—‘there’s a new one born every minute.’ Prometheus is the anchor for the Chain of Fools.”

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100 words. Inspired by this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt:


34 thoughts on “Work smarter, not harder”

  1. This story told itself. I love it when they do that. But Dante and Greek mythology and P. T. Barnum and Aretha Franklin all mixed together, it’s a witch’s brew of referents.

    1. Aretha’s song was the first thing that popped into my head, and the rest of the tale just poured out.

      Don’t get any on your shoes!

  2. This is excellent, Dave. That chain is just right for Prometheus. That’s pretty magical how you worked in Barnum and the rest. So imaginative!

    1. Thanks Amy, don’t give me too much credit. Just a puzzle that I poured out of the imagination box, to find all of the pieces already fit together.

  3. I tried to say something clever, but that might just add another link to poor Prometheus’ burden… Great take on the prompt, very unique.

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