Glamourous* Living

“The kitchen is rustic and about 150 square feet.”

The real estate agent didn’t have to sell any more. Kathy already loved it! She’d always wanted a kitchen like this one. Spotless, it felt like a detergent commercial should be shooting!

“I’ll take it.”

“Thought you might,” purred the agent, and pointed out where Kathy should sign the paperwork.

Later, as Kathy was unpacking, dirty dishes appeared in the sink. The trash bin was overflowing. The kitchen doors and windows were sealed shut.

The agent greatly enjoyed her new vampire abilities, particularly the hypnosis. Trapping fresh meals was ludicrously easy.

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100 words. Inspired by this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt:


*Not a typo.


34 thoughts on “Glamourous* Living”

      1. I think I’d rather become a vampire than to be tricked into buying a ramshackle house by a vampire. Of course, that’s easy for me to say…I’m not a sun worshiper! 😉

  1. I’ve wondered to this day how I ended up buying a 100-year-old dump!? I was mesmerized by a vampire/agent. Love it, oh, and I do love my very old house, until the electrical lines, and plumbing needs replaced. And don’t get me started on the uneven floors. 🙂 Truly, it will be a masterpiece when the next buyer is done refurbishing it! LOL
    This is a masterpiece too! Loved it!

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