Pyramid Scheme

“Netjerikhet—can I call you Djoser?”

Anubis went walking with the pharaoh to discuss an idea.

“Sure,” the pharaoh said, “My mom always did.”

“Right. That Horus-tongue-twister is difficult to manage with a snout, take my word. Anyway, do you remember what we were discussing last week about updating your tomb plans using Imhotep for your architect?

“You said it was essential for establishing my dynasty.”

“It’s the only way to fly. I’m going to cop an idea they’re already playing with over in a place called Brazil. Imhotep is excited about doing it. A pyramidal structure, we’ll construct it from limestone blocks. It’ll be impressive for the yokels and really durable too.”

“Limestone blocks? Aren’t those like, really heavy?”

“Don’t worry Bubala, all you’ll need is gobs of slaves. You’re going to have the hottest thing in tombs for centuries.”

The structure went up at Saqqara with impressive speed. Imhotep used several innovative concepts for moving materials using manpower, which Anubis easily provided in quantity by enslaving Egypt’s defeated enemies.

As a tomb-warming gift, Anubis gave Djoser a new fuzzy robe. The hieroglyphs on the robe, translated, read “Slavery: It Gets Shit Done.”

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194 words. In response to this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction prompt:


Djozer’s tomb, Egypt’s First Pyramid

11 thoughts on “Pyramid Scheme”

      1. Dremerie’s hubby in disguise. Didn’t think you’d forget that one! Of course, that’s from over a decade ago, in another reality.

  1. It is sad that we laugh at something that was so terrible at the time it happened. I know, your story is just making light of it and it is funny. But slavery itself isn’t funny and I know you aren’t making a joke of that.

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