Great white what did you say?

I first laid eyes on Lono in a dockside dive, an immense Pacific Islander sporting an impressive tat collection. He was nursing his beer perched atop a barstool like a rhino balanced on a stork’s leg. As it happened, he was generous in both conversation and rounds. And we had come to the dock for the same purpose, seeking work.

Lono knew a guy who knew a guy, and we soon arrived on the deck of a multi-masted sailing vessel with employment paperwork in our hands. We turned to see the peg-legged captain of the vessel thumping in our direction, hefting a harpoon.

“Good luck to you, Lono.” I hurried back down the gangway and got off that ship. “But I’ve totally read this book.”

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125 words. Inspired by this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction prompt:


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