Show and Tell

Show, don’t tell. So sayeth the rules.

I keep running into situations where Tell is much, much more brief than Show, and since most of the writing is aimed at brevity-conscious execises…

It comes up quite a lot in micro fiction. I can’t imagine telling a story like O’Malleys Exotic Poultry Supply without a) a  lot of exposition to bring it in under 500, or b) Tripling the length, let the reader provide the explanations. How would you “show” an empathic projection, anyway? #baffled

Anyway, I sometimes get angry with me for exposition expeditions in my story telling. And then I remember why.



4 thoughts on “Show and Tell”

  1. Whenever one of the folks in my critique group starts quoting a “rule” I stick my tongue out. And I definitely relate with you on this one. Although I have to admit, if I can find a way to hint and show rather than bring out Mr Exposition Narrator, it often does flow better.

    1. Sure. If your idea is small enough to fit your [exercise box]. I hate narrating, but I just might hate word count limits even more sometimes.

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