Big Letdown

The Auto Show has its cheap side, where the almost famous vehicles from television and movies park. You will find the Batmobile on the opposite side of the Auto Show, at least a mile away and close to the newest supercars and splashiest manufacturer concept vehicles.

“Dad, look at this one. The sign says ‘Mega Crusher’.”

Mega Crusher was an over-decorated big rig cab with extra armor plating welded on.

“At the turn of the century, America had an prolonged obsession with ‘reality television.’ Not much reality involved in them, most of the shows were just media flashy pseudo-contests of some sort. This big rig is the only surviving competitor from a show called ‘Arena Thunder’.”

“Arena Thunder was really just a demolition derby. Cars enter the ‘Arena,’ smashing and crashing until only one came out. Very ‘macho,’ but the show never got great ratings.”

“Mega Crusher was supposed to compete against Panzer Strike in the show’s season finale. The big dramatic moment that the promoters hoped could win a renewal for the show’s next season. That show never aired.

“Billy Joe Laffoon, the owner, missed some payments and Mega Crusher was repossessed the day before the season finale taped.”

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200 words. Inspired by this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction prompt:

Big Rig (no attribution)