Stop telling me to be scared.

I’m not a Democrat.

None of the likely Democratic candidates inspires me, and I don’t agree with many of their talking points. But I find myself being pushed over into their voting column this year anyway, thanks to the circus antics taking place on the Other Team.

The Other Team keeps us Safe, and to prove it they started the last pile of wars. Including the “War on Terror.” It’s worked about as well as the “War on Drugs” (which is to say, it didn’t). Then there was the War on Iraq (cost us billions, was built on lies, and did wonders for terrorist group recruitment). Thank you, Halliburton.

The Other Team preaches Fear and Defeatism and Darkness and Despair. It preaches Intolerance, we need to build a Wall to keep those Scary People Out.

Berlin Wall?

We need to register and database these refugees, make them wear a patch that clearly identifies them. Surveillance on mosques.

Jews in 1939?

Better yet, send ‘em back where they come from, we don’t want their kind ‘round here anyhoo.

Klan in 1955?

Forget about those pesky American values written on the Statue of Liberty. We need to keep the Scary people out, by any means necessary. How’s that again? When did this happen?

Refugees. Muslims. Islamics. Radicals. Terrorists. Despite what you may have heard on the media, these are not synonyms.

The more extreme the Republican candidates get, the less likeable they are. The Republican Party has been using Fear to drum up votes since the Cold War (remember Commies? “Family Values?” “War on Drugs?” The Flavor of the Decade is “Terrorists”) It works amazingly well, and always has. Rich White People get really, really paranoid about hanging on to their first world advantage.

The Republicans weren’t quite as far around the bend in most of those previous elections. They were just (generally) propping up complete stiffs as candidates. But then, so were the Democrats, and the tradition of both parties propping up “no one you’d really want to vote for” worked out just fine for the last few decades.

This election, we have a billionaire demagogue who has views remarkably close to that mustachioed gentleman from Germany. And he’s being pushed further and further into the extreme Right by the other whackjobs in his debates.

And he’s extending his lead! Has this country completely lost its collective mind?

Be afraid, be very afraid, all the bloody time. There might be a nonwhite person sneaking up on your Walmart with a pipe bomb! Look at what happened in Paris!! Stampede to the Right and cower under your desks!

This is America.

Home of the Brave.

RecDave Seal


5 thoughts on “Stop telling me to be scared.”

  1. I’ll bet you will get a lot of comments on this one. I see you do know some world history, whereas a lot of people either do not know or prefer not to remember. I have been a registered R all of my voting life, but they have not had a good candidate since Reagan; ditto for the current line up, so I am in the same boat.

    1. Probably not (a lot of comments). Not that many readers.

      But unless the clown car stops rolling somehow, we’re going to get one of these bozos driving the bus. Sadly, I can’t pick a single one I’d want to give a driver’s license.

  2. Agree with most of your points. With the exception of the War on Drugs. Hey, that one worked, right? I mean, when your leading strategy is a frail elderly lady telling you to Just Say No . . . How can you go wrong??? “Just ignore those druggies!” lol (Sarcastic Sunday! lol Sorry.)

  3. Agree with you 1000%. Who let these guys out of the insane asylum and why aren’t they taking their meds? The more radicals that appear in the Middle-East, the more radical the Republican party gets. At this point the terrorists aren’t nearly as big a threat to the Western world as the Republicans are. The Democrats aren’t putting up anyone that bothers to impress me either. I’d really like it if elections weren’t a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils, and more about electing the right person for the job. Is that so much to ask?

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