Well, Christmas order placed

I suck at gifts. Everyone knows it, I always have.

So I ordered Annie’s gifts today. I can’t tell you what, of course (she spies on me!) But since I know she’s in for her annual letdown, I’ll have to be extra nice in December. Or something.

I wish some bright Phone Ap coder would develop an Expert System for gift selection. No, NOT to market the hell out of you by suggesting only “business partner’s” brands. Think of it more like a dating service, or Pandora (that selects music based on bands you like)–you could input everything you know about your spouse, answer these (50?) questions about her interests, likes, dislikes, etc.

Here’s a list of 100 close gift matches. Would you like to uncheck a few of these to help narrow it down? Would you like to add to it (scoff, remember you suck at gifting)?

Answer a few more questions, randomize; here’s your ten best gift ideas! [list] Want to select any of these, or maybe try again?

Sounds like too much work?

I’m just hoping that reading through a list of ideas might jog loose a non-sucky inspiration. (Eureka!!)

Gift selection for techy nerds. And helpless husbands.

RecDave Seal

We’ll let you know if she’s typically disappointed again this year. Hope she’ll forgive me, again.