Crickets Chirp

About a year ago, I noticed how many blog posts I was making about Dave (and weather, and other random boring crap). Convinced that Dave is a very dull boy, I resolved to make fewer of those.

But things have gotten awfully quiet on the old blog front of late, so I need to feed more social to the media (or something).

At one time I had a daily post habit. Then stopped worrying about it, won’t hurt anything to miss a day or two… Then hit a creative dry spell… Days became weeks. Blah.

That’s just how these things go. I’ve fallen back into the habit of television watching (hisssss), twitter-ing, message board babbling (elsewhere), all at the expense of productive writing.

Let this be a warning to you; I can be easily distracted by shiny objects. Squirrel!

Anyway, I’ll try to do better.

RecDave Seal


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