We thought the weaponized ground predators were bad. The arms race began with remote-controlled great cats (probably the most obvious choice), the enhanced lions and upgraded carbon fiber Jaguars. As the war dragged on and neural interface technologies became cheaper and more capable, other species came into play; the hyenas and wild dogs, the wolves and bears. The bears were awesome engines of destruction—do you remember that wartime video of the grizzly with four cougars on its back, brushing them off against trees and crushing them one at a time?

The real trouble didn’t start until the war ended and the corporate sector gained control of the technology for the consumer market. Consumers began controlling and piloting nightmares with their phone aps.

First were the reptiles, the consumer enthusiast clubs in Florida staging the crocodile cage matches. It took only months until the venomous snakes appeared on the scene and the first messy divorces terminated with messy murders.

The larger ground predators were nearly all extinct by the time the remote-controlled android drones began to appear. Seagulls were wired with cameras and capable of delivering munitions. High post defensive sentry drones and road rage effectively ended traffic almost overnight.

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